Let’s Go

LET’S GO 110 aka Ludwig — 2004 — 182cm Gelding — Holstein – Sire: Limbus Dam:___

My current star and top perfomer at present, Ludwig came to me on the 21st December 2014. But the dream began 4 years before, while on a working week with my trainer at his yard in Mohrkirchen, Germany. Besotted with him and his incredible talents at just 6, I spent all my free time with him, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute I got to work with him, my abiding memory was babysitting him under the solaium for half an hour everyday! Although I never rode him, he was my dream horse... his colour, his attitude towards work and his general sense of humour, attributes I could only dream of having in a horse of mine one day. Little did I know that Christmas 4 years later would yield the truth of my dreams and the chance to ride him. Definitely bigger than I ever remembered, it was the most incredible ride of my life, if very terrifying at times!! I fell in love, as if that wasn't obvious!

The following two years made me question myself, and he certainly pushed me to be more than I could be at times. His sense of humour, which can be wicked at times, certainly made me question my motivites. However the challenge proved to be my biggest triumph as I slowly began to get the better of his antics and build a bond and a friendship with him. By the end of 2016 I had ridden my first ever Inter II and had some incredible plans for 2017, to push ourselves and reach new heights. Instead 2017 began terrifyingly close to death, when strangles hit the yard and he spent 2 weeks in ICU in Somerton Equine Hospital, recieving round the clock attention to nurse back from deaths door. Months of recovery and slowly building back to health and strength, saw 2017 draw to a close with a healthy horse, by the grace of god, and ready to fight the competition season for 2018.

2018 started slowly and successfully, with some really good PSG results. Over the summer we pressed on and produced some impressive Inter I results, culminating in achieving the standard required and being able to make our International Small Tour debut at Hickstead in July. Ending a cracking season was taking the Reserve National PSG Music Championship title in the UK. Looking to return to the training ground for the winter and push towards Big Tour for the coming seasons. 

2019 was a season filled with mixed emotions, a lot of questioning oneself, challenging ones self belief. Everything I thought I knew I doubted, everything that I was sure I could do it seemed I couldn't. New things were added and I spent many months trying to make sense of it all. They say that only the elite can ride and be successful at Grand Prix. Not everyone has what it takes, I always thought that was a reflection on the horse, and while that is not incorrect it takes a lot more than just the horse to ride Grand Prix. It takes such mental strength and determination and self belief, it's unthinkable. I had a career defining moment in early August of this year, when I completed my first Grand Prix at competition. The mixture of emotions was immense, it was not our finest work by any stretch of the imagination, however that sense of achievement, no one will ever take from us. And in the same breaths I knew that this was only the bare start of it. Having completed a test at the highest level I realised I haven't "made it" but instead, this is where the work and the road only begins... And oh boy I'm so excited watching week by week how much stronger and more secure our work is becoming at this level. Really excited to bring it to the show circuit in the coming year...