I am super over proud to be sponsored by some amazing people, without whose help there is no way I could achieve all that I do.


Alan Ward from Saoirse Saddlery has been a huge part of my team for many years now and there is nothing as reassuring as knowing that my horses are working in the utmost comfort. No horse can or will ever perform even close to their best if the saddle that we put all our weight in, and move in does not complement their movement. It horrifies me to see how many people have been mislead by saddle fitters and I’m pleased to be say that as part of my sponsorship with Alan we developed a saddle, both GP and Dressage for all that riders really feel and notice a difference in. Don’t be hesitant to contact me at anytime if you have any doubts about your saddle, it’s not worth the risk… you wouldn’t wear clothes that hurt you, don’t make your horse.


Super proud to be a brand ambassador for such an amazing company with such high quality products at affordable prices. Always ensuring the highest quality of product, designed and built to the horse and rider, this makes a big difference to the performance of the product. From riding wear to stable wear myself and my horses always feel we can achieve our maximum potential without restriction. Dressage By Design are full stockists of QHP so anything you would like you can order from them.











Very proud to have such an amazing sponsor, being on my feet everyday means I need comfort with support. From trudging through muck to competing at Grand Prx, Fasciani have what is required. I recently got a pair of their long training boots, and no lie I was skeptical as I always find a waterproof style boot doesn’t ride well and vice a versa. As such I decided to really test the boots and see whether they would be like most I have tried over the years, but I have been left very impressed, perfect for riding in, from ponies to dressage horses, no issues trudging through muck and very comfortable to spend all day in.









Stoked to be sponsored by the Sarm Hippique. The most comfortable tail coat I have ever had the good fortune to be able to ride in. Personalised and customised for the ultimate comfort. Super excited for the shows ahead, I would live in my jacket if I could 🙂